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Normally mother nature uses the suns ultraviolet rays to kill different types of germs and bacteria outside of your home, but what happens once you step inside? Well germs and other harmful bacteria begin to grow and hang in the air. This is because its hard for the suns ray to reach every inch of your home, but our UV air filters help fix this problem. Our air filtrations systems allow for a healthy amount of UV light to be brought into your harm in order to kill and get rid of harmful germs and bacteria that may linger in your homes air. Don’t hesitate to live your happier healthier life by getting our UV air filtration systems in your home.

Our UV Air Filtration Products


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Muv7-100tr uv air filter

Muv7-50ps uv air filter

muv7-100dr uv air filter

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muv7-50dr uv air filter

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muv 403h uv air filter

muv 401h uv air filter

What Are HEPA Filters

HEPA filters devices are amazing for keeping the air clean in your home or business. These high efficiency particulate air filters help to catch over 99% percent of any bacteria, viruses, pollen, and even mold that may be trapped in your air. HEPA filters work by sucking in any air or near by dust particles, once the air and dust are brought in they are pushed through the filter which will ultimately help kill over 99.5% of germs, bacteria, and other harmful matter in your air space. Don’t wait to get your HEPA filtration devices installed today. Click the button below to learn more and purchase your filter today!

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